Success on Hold a trading entity for Continuous Communications Pty Ltd has been established since 1987. Success On Hold was the first provider of music and messages on hold to the corporate environment in NSW. Success On Hold has since expanded throughout Australia to be one of the county’s leading providers of music and messages on hold.

Success on Hold provides professional equipment and complete voice over productions. Our end to end service includes script writing, recording, production, updates, installation and continuous service.

In 1992 Continuous Communications expanded into South Africa, it is now the largest messages on hold supplier in Africa. Along with the messages on hold Continuous Communications South Africa also provides retail radio and advertising to over 300 major and small retailers.

As of the beginning of 2008, the Australian office has decided to enter the competitive retail radio market to compliment the messages on hold business. Utilising similar technology it is making a fast presence in the retail  environment .This new division trades under the name of In-Store FM.

Our employees are from various backgrounds including radio and broadcasting, sound technicians, marketing and sales.

Currently we outsource our software developers and network engineers, however we are looking to employ a network engineer in the near future.