Why Our Technology?

No other program is able to deliver such a flexible music and message product. Here’s what the Success On Hold IMS player is capable of:

  • Pre-scheduled messages that only play at specified –
    • Time of day (Prefect for after hours messages)
    • Date (great for Holiday periods)
    • Days of the week (Weekends may require a different set of messages)
  • Instant updates
    • There is no need to replace outdated chips, disks or memory cards, with the Success On Hold IMS player music and message updates are updated automatically via the Success On Hold online ftp server.
    • Delivery is instant without any need for client interaction, we can do it all from our national office
  • Access to scripting and productions instantly
    • You can see exactly what is playing to the customer in real time without the need to be place on hold, just by looking at you computer screen.
  • Automatic restart in case of a power failure
  • Change the frequency of messages and type of music at the click of a button success on hold will provide the software required to play music and messages into a pre-programmed telephone system.