Scripting Tips

If you’re considering writing an “On Hold” script, perhaps these topics may be useful for consideration.
  1. Who are you, where are you and what are your hours of operation
  2. Are there any specific directions people need to be aware of to be able to get to you more easily.
  3. Do you have a free call number.
  4. How long have you been in business. How many years experience. Any interesting company
    history. What do you sell or service.
  5. What other services and products do you offer.
  6. Do you have a web site and E-mail address on which people can either contact you or order
    from you.
  7. What makes your company different, or unique from your competition.
  8. What is your company mission statement or slogan or motto.
  9. What part of your business do you really want to emphasise.
  10. What are the most often asked questions to your operators.
  11. What sort of special accreditation or affiliations do you have. Are you a member of any special committees. Has your company received any awards, honours or special recognition.
  12. Do you take orders over the fax. Do you have a special fax order number.
  13. If you could tell every one of your callers one thing, what would it be.
  14. Is there any industry news or breakthrough that you’d like your callers to know about. Are there any products or services you would like to specially mention